Weld Community Credit Union

HELOC – Home Equity Line Of Credit

HELOC rates are as LOW as 8.00% APR*

Fine Print: *A.P.R.= Annual Percentage Rate. Rate dependent upon credit worthiness. Restrictions apply. $5 will be deposited into new member savings account at opening. Check with Weld Community Credit Union (WCCU) for complete details. Verification of homeowner’s insurance required to close loan. HELOC Quarterly Variable maximum A.P.R. that can apply is 18% or the maximum permitted by law, whichever is less.  However, under no circumstances will your rate go below the WCCU Floor Rate of the credit tier. Rates are subject to change without notice. To refinance an existing WCCU loan, $5,000 or more must be added to the balance. Equal Housing Lender. NMLS 399914. All accounts insured to $250,000 by National Credit Union Association.

Building a better future for you and your family is easy with a Home Equity Line of Credit.  You can use the equity in your home to pay for major expenses such as home improvements and college tuition.  You can use it to consolidate debt.  You can even use it to buy a car, or whatever else you might want!  The uses for a HELOC are endless!

Excellent Rates

WCCU offers excellent rates to qualifying members.  All costs to the member are pass-through, meaning we only charge you what it costs us to fund your HELOC.  In addition, our HELOCs have no annual fee.  The interest rate is a quarterly variable rate which is based on the prime rate.

How It Works

WCCU’s HELOC program works as a revolving account for the first eight years, meaning you can draw on the loan and make monthly payments.  For the last seven years of the loan, you may no longer draw on the loan, only repay on the fifteen-year note.  Payments are based on a 180-month (15 year) amortization schedule.  The draws from the loan are a voucher advance program; the minimum initial advance is $5,000 and any advance thereafter must be at least $2,000.

Get Information

If you are interested in a HELOC with WCCU, please contact a Loan Services Representative at (970) 330-9728 for more information.  You may also pick up a HELOC packet at WCCU.  The packet includes everything you need to apply and streamline the application process.  Or better yet, apply now!

WCCU offers excellent rates to qualifying members.

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