Weld Community Credit Union

Overdraft Protection

We’ll move your money so you don’t have to

Internal Transfers

WCCU helps protect members from bounced check fees by offering internal transfer capabilities. That means if you withdraw more than is available in your checking account, WCCU will automatically transfer the funds from your savings or line of credit to cover the transaction (up to your available funds or credit limit). You may apply for a line of credit here. The transfer from your savings account carries a $15 fee, but it saves you the hassle, embarrassment and fees of bounced checks. Transfers from your line of credit include a $1 fee and you may accrue interest charges if you don’t pay back your balance in full. For full details of transfer fees, please see the fee schedule.


PAY4U is a service for qualifying members that allows WCCU to consider payment of overdrafts on your checking account.  Rather than returning a non-sufficient fund item on your account, we will review your account to determine if the item will be paid or not. *PAY4U costs $30 per item.

To get more information about any of these great services, please speak with a Member Services Representative at (970) 330-9728.

*All PAY4U elections are within the sole discretion of WCCU, and we have no contractual obligation with our members’ to pay or transfer any NSF item/transaction. PAY4U is an optional service that we may provide as set forth herein to members in good standing.  WCCU may revoke the privilege at any time without notice.